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We believe in the future.  Green deserts, sustainable water production, adequate clean energy and better communications for everyone are not just a dream - they are all possible with existing innovations. Our mission is to help bring these visions to life by developing products that truly unlock the power of light.



We take new, powerful optical technology and develop products for clean energy, optical wireless communication and sensing markets.

Our CTO Barry Clive has been working in partnership with some of the world's leading research institutes including Imperial College London and the Fraunhofer Institutes.  Our Intellectual Property (IP) in optics stems from Barry's personal innovations that have supported this work.

There have been many major innovations in optics in recent decades. By exploiting them in combination and in fields beyond their original application they can deliver step-change results.


Optical Wireless Communications

For applications in specialist Telecommunication devices



New applications for thin-film solar technologies, solar concentration and thermal technologies.


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Palliser Engineers has unique knowledge of optical technologies for applications in solar, communication and sensing fields, imaging and quantum imaging.


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Managing Director

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Head of innovation

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Business development


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