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Solar Transmuter


Solar PV collection transparent to skylight 

High quality, high yield crops are a by-product of solar energy generation.

The Solar Transmuter combines arable and solar farming - optimising land use. Our unique optical system uses the entire exterior surface area of the greenhouse for solar electricity generation while simultaneously optimising light that enters the interior for photosynthesis.

Contained environment farming is one method of protecting crops against extreme weather conditions and when coupled with vertical aquaponic and or hydroponic growing techniques; has the potential to not just maintain but enhance production.

Advanced PVT

OTHELLO - Image.jpg

Innovate UK Project OTHELLO

Our solar-thermal technology procures 'medium-grade heat' compared to conventional technologies that produce 'low-grade heat'.

Transferring parasitic heat away from the solar electricity generating portion of the system means we have higher temperatures, between 100 and 400 degrees C, to utilise and power appliances.

We have specifically chosen to power air-conditioning due to the busieness case and to simultaniously disrupt the negative feedback loop growing between rising global temperatures and an exponential increase in demand for cooling.

Trainlines' 5G



Our optical wireless communication technology can bring travellers greater security, higher bandwidth and therefore greater speeds on the platform, within the station and especially while travelling by avoiding radio frequency congestion.

Meeting the demand of a growing number of travellers working on the go and staying connected; our spinout MODE  BLACK steps up to the challenge of keeping connected a forever moving demographic with the highest quality 5G access to the World Wide Web.

Sensing Wildfires

Screen Shot 2023-03-27 at 19.15.31.png


We are very proud to announce that our development of non-imaging optics for sensing has resulted in our spinout company Optect ltd winning this highly prestigious award for the wildfire detector that they have recently productised.

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